About Us

About Us

Our elephant Chang is dedicated to providing the highest quality of life possible .

We oppose the practice of separating baby elephants from their mothers , but it is our policy to accept and care for baby elephants Sadly, children are often orphaned as a result of brutal exploitation, commercial ( eg practice. called the “elephant begging “) and good current mistreatment of infants in our garden has not been separated from their mother .

We also oppose the practice of painting elephants and training. The elephant to dance and to sit or stand on two legs, we consider these practices . Unnatural and inappropriate , our goal is to teach about the visitors to maintain elephant and eating Thailand tasty and ¬†good taste like fried Thailand or Khao Soi or vagatarian were not reasonable accommodations with shower . exercise the way of providing exercise for our elephants and experience. Learning for visitors is to allow visitors to confine the elephant ” bareback . ” As you can imagine the care of elephants exploited and abused is an ongoing process that is difficult and values. We want to spend and support for volunteers and contributions.

Elephant on the objectives for the elephants in the home and home with the generous support of visitors who take advantage of this one time opportunity. Lifetime For training elephants for success. Continuing our stakeholders around the world to care about the future of elephants Thailand , it is our goal to continue. Make sure that the future is bright .

We appreciate feedback from those who have visited our park recommendation . We can help To educate those who are looking to learn . About the care of elephants and respond to issues that are important to our visitors , we encourage visitors to spend as much time . The park as possible , this will allow visitors to see the complexity of caring for elephants and learn how to accept of maintaining constructive feedback to help us . Re-evaluate how to maintain and improve our quality of life improvement stores.